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For International investment projects’ expansion and development.
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  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Improving the work spirit
  • Increasing innovation
  • Increasing productivity
  • Saving time and effort
  • Bringing power to societies

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid, support and develop humanitarian projects by creating real investment businesses and opportunities, through which we become the bridge for commercial and investment cooperation that have pure humanitarian proceeds through participation between the public, private and governmental sectors, all in order to raise one unified ideology: No Sectarianism, No Doctrinism, No Racism (Your Humanity Is Your Identity)

Why Join Us

  • Get the most important investment opportunities around the world
    With us, all investment opportunities will be available from around the world within the largest and most important global investment pool that provides you with real and official opportunities to guarantee your capital.
  • To be part of the largest international network
    With us, you will be part of a group of investors who are distinguished and financed businessmen from all over the world.
  • Because we are a licensed organization within the assets
    Because we are an official organization, duly registered in Britain, and we hold all certificates and licenses, that makes us an official and legal reference for your businesses and projects around the world.
  • Because we are the guarantee and safety for your future projects
    With us, you can include your ideas and future projects, because we are the guaranteed place of trust, and because we deal with you with all transparency and credibility through a complete team specialized in the field of investment.
  • Because we are your gateway to enter the global market
    With us, you will enter the global market through your participation in international conferences and exhibitions either organized or participated in by the organization around the world, which you will be a major part and supporter of.
  • Because we are an organization that supports humanitarian projects
    Because the most important goals of the organization are to bring investors and provide investment opportunities for them around the world, so that they, in turn, support humanitarian investment projects that contribute in helping families affected by conflicts, wars and disasters in poor and developing countries.

Investment opportunities

The most important investment opportunities around the world in one place The global investment pool

Supporting humanitarian projects

The World Investment Organization seeks, with its most important goals, to organize and support major projects around the world to secure material incomes for the development and support of all humanitarian projects that aim to serve society and its members in all sectors and fields

Supporting humanitarian projects

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Supporting humanitarian projects

Our Services

Feasibility and marketing studies.

feasibility studies at the present time as a wave of investment decisions in line with the desires and capabilities of consumers on the basis of harmonization between commercial profitability and social responsibility would be regarded as the appropriate choice, the best investment opportunities ever

Supporting Humanitarian Projects

Humanitarian work is a civilizational feature and a human phenomenon .The formula for success may be in its simplest basis. It only needs to define goals and develop strategic plans for business, while providing good management that conducts its activities in a transparent and efficient manner in accordance with a clear financial system of entrances and exits.

Local and global marketing.

The World Investment Organization provides the most important promotional means for any product or project and provides the desired goals at the lowest costs in cooperation with the most important platforms concerned with this .The Organization also sponsors all products and projects of its affiliated members for free through campaigns, programs and periodic activities carried out by the Organization around the world.

Providing investments, commercial and marketing consultations

It is well known that any investment or commercial activity needs to build a solid foundation to avoid and overcome economic problems, and when thinking about any projects, of course, more money is pumped for the sake of the project success , but where do you have the guarantees that assure you the success of the project compared to other existing projects ! Therefore, the investment idea must be structured and crystallized in a theoretical and scientific framework to know the correct area to be located on. Yet, ordinary people cannot develop plans and strategies. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists to obtain the best desired results and here comes the role of the Organization to provide investment, commercial, media and legal advice by specialists and experts who provide advice that guarantees your rights and the success of your projects

Establishing companies around the world.

There are several forms of companies, including the so-called solidarity companies, others called limited liability companies, and limited joint stock companies, and each type has its own circumstances and foundations, all of which seek to protect the rights of partners and distribute and manage the work in a scientific way that achieves the success of the project and reduces the percentage of failure, as the project becomes a trade name and record Official in state departments. Establishing a successful company is one of the businesses that requires the implementation of a set of appropriate procedures and the right steps to do so, to save you effort and money.

Organizing International Exhibitions and Conferences

Events and exhibitions are an important economic tool for small and medium enterprises, as they represent a means for companies to meet with each other to form business relations among them and exchange technical expertise, and highlight the importance of events and exhibitions in general because they provide distinct opportunities for direct interaction with the target audience, offering visions and ideas and providing complete information in a clear way, which helps in direct marketing, increasing the volume of sales, marketing and making deals, understanding consumers' needs better and trying to meet them by providing suitable products for them. Exhibitions are also considered one of the most important marketing tools that carry continuous innovation and development in ideas and methods of advertising and attraction to achieve the required marketing objectives for all investment projects.

Intermediary and Commercial Agencies

Commercial mediation takes place through a commercial contract conducted between a seller and buyer and between a project owner and an investor through the World Investment Organization to facilitate the completion of the sale, purchase or contracting process, as the organization is able to control the largest number of clients, projects and commercial deals of all kinds in the largest number of countries of the world, which makes it a franchise commercial real estate broker

Processing and Granting International Quality Certificates:

Many companies producing goods or services today want to obtain a quality management system certificate, which has implications for the importance of its work process, customer confidence , and product/ work quality guarantees.

Ensuring Financial Facilities:

Funding is one of the most important steps that entrepreneurs are keen to ensure at the start of work on their projects, whether the financing on which the project is based is self-contained, or through various other sources, the project owner must be aware of the financial resources that the project needs.

Providing Investment Opportunities as well as Attracting Investors

The World Investment Organization provides investment opportunities from around the world through the network of international relations that it owns that makes it an official and safe reference for the most important investment opportunities around the world and through its establishment of the largest global investment pool that includes the most important small and large investment projects in all sectors

Public Relations.

The World Investment Organization adopts a special methodology that creates strong interactive relationships between institutions and the societies in which it operates. It works closely with its clients to ensure the optimum utilization of modern means of communication by activating their contribution to advancing the development of the local community and the economy.

Business and Enterprise Development of all kinds

Business development is vital to a successful startup. If sales are the backbone of a business, then business development is the backbone of sales themselves. Business development is not limited to "communication" only, but includes other things, such as setting strategies, thinking about the future and discipline.

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